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so why choose us?

Roofing Experts.

Many other companies claim 'expertise' in this field, however, most of them are actually only just exterior cleaners, whereas we at RoofMate originate from a true roofing background with an extensive portfolio of roof repair, installation, upvc and etc.

 It's important when considering to clean the very roof above your head that you should only want to have genuine roofing experts in for the job. By Trusting RoofMate to clean and treat your roof you can be assured you have reliable, knowledgeable roofing experts on the job!


Fully Insured. It's important that when hiring a contractor you should make sure that they have the relevant insurance(s) in place to carry out the works required. Feel free to ask us about our cover or scroll to the bottom of this page to view our insurance.  


HSE Compliant. Our staff are fully experienced and trained in the use of safety access equipment along with basic first aid training making the job safer and secure.     

Fully Experienced. All of our staff have the relevant experience to ensure the very best workmanship and to ensure each job is carried out to our highest standards.


100% Satisfaction. We take pride in our work and in what we do, we'll go the extra mile and beyond to ensure we leave you fully satisfied and happy with the works carried out by RoofMate, we've built ourselves on a very strong reputation.

Roof Cleaning | Moss Removal in Thetford, Norfolk


As the UK's leading roof cleaning specialists, we know what exceptional and reliable service means. We’re committed to providing you with the highest standards in the industry, all with guaranteed quality and precision. From the beginning stages of the process all the way to completion, we work side-by-side with you every step of the way. Learn more below.


Many concrete and clay tiles in Thetford, Norfolk suffer with unsightly moss and algae growth.

Moss, algae and lichens typically appear worse on the most north-facing side of your roof, this is because they thrive in damp, shaded areas. If left untreated, these moss invaders can potentially harm your roofing system.





- The freeze and thaw process of the moss can result in cracked & dislodged tiles.

- The weight of all that extra  moss on your roof can stress your roofing structure beneath the tiling.

- Moss will block your guttering and fail your roof drainage system which could potentially cause future problems in the eaves section of your roof.


- Most roofs with mortar systems for the ridges and gables will suffer early 

deterioration from the moss attacking the cement works.

- When dislodged from your roof, moss can become a nuisance when scattered all over your patio/driveway.

- Your roof is a major part of your home and unsightly moss and algae growth can sometimes be an eyesore to look at.

Cleaning your roof will instantly transform the look of your home.

Manually removing the moss from your roof and treating for further protection can extend the life of your roof.

Increase kerb appeal and can also increase property value.


Keep your guttering and roof drainage system working as it should - thus protecting the eaves section.

No more sweeping moss from the ground that has fallen from your roof.

By choosing RoofMate for a complete overhaul of your roof you can save ££££'s on replacing your roof.

RoofMate will completely rejuvenate your old and mossy roof in Thetford using our proven 5 stage process:

1. Survey & Preparation

Before we start any roof clean or coating we carry out a full inspection of your roof to ensure that it is safe and suitable  enough to continue with the works.

Following the inspection, we will set up our equipment accordingly and may use tarpaulin sheets to cover anything up if necessary.

2. Deep Roof clean

Once we have got our equipment set up, accordingly for your roof, we will then begin the process of carrying out the clean.

Removing all traces of moss, algae and grime.

This is the longest part of the process!

3. Repair

Once the clean is out the way with we'll then check all over your roof for any minor repair work that needs doing.

Included in your quote is up to 50 broken tiles replaced and up to 2m of cement repaired! We'll even include any minor gutter repair work for you!

5. Treatment / Coating

A high strength anti-fungicidal treatment (algaecide) is then applied to your roof, this prevents the regrowth of moss, algae and lichen. Note that this is a clear water repellent treatment and should you wish to have a coloured coating please enquire when requesting a quote.

4. Clean Up & Gutters Cleared

Cleaning a filthy roof can be a messy job, although we do take every measure to minimize mess, so this step is where we tidy up after ourselves! All mess and debris is thoroughly cleaned up, removed and taken away with us.

We also clear your gutters out and clean your fascias!

Backed With Our 10 Year 'No Moss' Guarantee!

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