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so why choose us?

We're simply the best! - (no, not the song by Tina Turner!)

Over the years we have built a strong reputation with our customers and have started to lead the way in our industry.

No pushy salesman - in fact we don't have any salesman at all! When you first make contact with us you will speak to myself, Jake, when we arrive at the job it will be myself on the roof, I'll even be taking care of you after completion.

Competitive quoting. With no salesman comes no commission, unlike other companies who have commissions to pay we are actually able to pass this saving on over to you. We also own all of our equipment so pricing of equipment hire is never added to your quote! This means we can always keep costs low, always affordable, always competitive.

We're actually experienced roofers! There's a lot of companies out there that claim expertise in this field but many just clean roofs and driveways and that's about it, with us we have a huge portfolio of roofing and roofline work - anything from maintenance to new roof installations - so you can trust that you have proper roofing experts on your roof that actually know their way around a roof! I always say, would you ask your window cleaner to install double glazing? No, you'd most likely call in a proper window fitter, so don't have anybody clean your roof, get a proper roofer in to do it!

We're fully insured - this point speaks for itself, it's always important to contract tradesmen who have the correct insurance in place, you can be rest assured that we do.

Health & Safety. We take health and safety very seriously at RoofMate, even with all the years of experience we have we still understand that we're not Spiderman and accidents can happen! So we always make sure that the proper health and safety precautions are met. All members of staff are thoroughly trained in the use of safety equipment and all other equipment used for the works.


Many concrete and clay tiled roofs have unsightly moss and algae growth.

This is caused by the tiles becoming porous after the effects of weathering over many years and can lead to damaged tiles and blocked gutters.


RoofMate will completely rejuvenate your old or mossy roof with our affordable, proven and simple five stage process:


1. Survey & Preparation

Before we start any roof clean or coating we carry out a full inspection of your roof to ensure that it is safe and suitable  enough to continue with the works.

Following the inspection, we will set up our equipment accordingly and may use tarpaulin sheets to cover anything up if necessary.

2. Deep Roof clean

Once we have got our equipment set up, accordingly for your roof, we will then begin the process of carrying out the clean.

Removing all traces of moss, algae and grime.

This is the longest part of the process!

3. Repair

Once the clean is out the way with we'll then check all over your roof for any minor repair work that needs doing.

Included in your quote is up to 50 broken tiles replaced and up to 2m of cement repaired! We'll even include any minor gutter repair work for you!

4. Treatment / Coating

A high strength fungicidal treatment (algaecide) is then applied to your roof, this prevents the regrowth of moss, algae and lichen. Note that this is a clear water repellent treatment and should you wish to have a coloured coating please enquire when requesting a quote.

5. Clean Up & Gutters Cleared

Cleaning a filthy roof can sometimes be a messy job, although we do take every measure to minimise mess, so this last step is where we tidy up after ourselves! All mess is thoroughly cleaned up and all debris is removed and taken away with us.

We also clear your gutters out and clean your fascias!

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