Roof Repairs

No Job Too Big Or Small


Here at RoofMate we are happy to help customers who are looking for a roofing

repair service.


We have no call out charges and can often repair small problems the same day, all work will be photographed before we start any works, to show you what the problem is and we then explain how we propose to repair the damage.


The normal problems most experience are leaks on their flat roofs - usually over a garage or a kitchen extension - these problems are usually caused by simple wear and tear and exposure to the elements, it is normally the edges or the area where the flat roof meets the wall of the house, if spotted and repaired early this is a minor problem.


The other common repair is some slates or tiles having shifted in time or when we have high winds - again these are simple running repairs.

Please note these are not repair items that can be left for a while, if you spot a problem then call RoofMate immediately as small problems could become very big problems in a short period of time.

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