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Soar High with Drone Roof Inspections

If you’ve ever seen a drone in action, you know the bird’s eye view they provide is spectacular. But did you know that drones have advantages beyond just capturing gorgeous aerial photos and videos? That’s right—research shows that drone roof inspections can provide homeowners with an array of benefits. Let’s take a look at why you should get your roof inspected by a drone!

Reduced Risk of Injury

One of the major advantages of drone roof inspections is safety. A traditional roof inspection requires personnel to climb onto the rooftop to assess for damage—which poses a risk for injury due to slips and falls. Drones eliminate this risk, as they are operated remotely from the ground below. This makes them ideal for inspecting hard-to-reach areas or roofs steeply pitched or covered with snow or ice.

Cost Savings

Another big benefit of having your roof inspected by a drone is cost savings. Not only are drones cheaper than traditional methods involving manual labour, they also require less time to complete an inspection—resulting in significant cost savings compared to manual inspections. With drones, there are no additional costs associated with transportation, setup, or manhours needed to conduct the inspection.

Data Recordings & Reports

In addition to being fast and cost effective, drones enable inspectors to document their findings visually through HD photographs and videos as well as detailed reports about their findings. Some drones are equipped with specialized equipment such as infrared cameras and thermal imaging sensors, they can detect potential problems such as water damage before it becomes visible to the naked eye—allowing homeowners to address issues quickly before they become serious problems that require costly repairs.

So long story short—drones make it possible to get accurate and comprehensive information about your roof's condition without putting anyone in harm’s way or costing an arm and a leg. So if you need help assessing your roof's condition quickly and safely, don't hesitate to contact a professional inspector who specializes in using drones for roof inspections! After all, soaring high has never been easier (or more affordable!).


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