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The Battle of the Flat Roofs: EPDM vs Mineral Felt

When it comes to flat roofs, you’ve got two main options—EPDM rubber and mineral felt. Both offer advantages, but if you want a roof that will last for decades, EPDM is your best bet. Let’s break down why this is the case...


EPDM may cost more upfront than mineral felt, but when you factor in the longer lifespan of an EPDM roof plus its superior ability to withstand wear and tear from extreme weather conditions (including high winds), it's easy to see that it's actually much more cost-effective over time. Plus, since most manufacturers offer warranties of up to 20 years on their products, you can rest easy knowing that your investment has some added protection.


While both types of flat roofs require professional installation and should be installed by experienced professionals regardless of material type, installation tends to be a bit simpler with an EPDM roof due to its single sheet design and lighter weight. Mineral felt roofs come in multiple sheets which can take longer and require more care when installing them—not ideal if you're looking for a quick turnaround time!

Sudden Shifts in Temperature

Finally, because EPDM is made out of rubber (which expands and contracts with sudden changes in temperature), it is better able to tolerate drastic swings in temperature without cracking or tearing like mineral felt does over time.

If you're considering installing a new flat roof on your property or replacing an existing one, then it's important to weigh all your options carefully before making your decision. While both types of flat roofs have their advantages, when all factors are taken into consideration such as durability, cost-effectiveness, installation speed/ease-of-use and tolerance for sudden shifts in temperature--it becomes clear that EPDM rubber flat roofs reign supreme! Not only do they last significantly longer than mineral felt roofs (upwards of 50 years!), they also provide superior protection against extreme weather conditions and are much easier (and less costly) to install than their counterparts. So if you're looking for a reliable roofing solution that won't let you down anytime soon--EPDM rubber flat roofs are definitely the way to go!


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